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Abengoa’s financial challenges…a climate change for Project & Infrastructure Finance?

An article in the Wall Street Journal in November 2015 (http://www.wsj.com/articles/spains-abengoa-files-for-creditor-protection-1448457865) stated “Spanish renewable energy and engineering firm Abengoa SA said on Wednesday that it is filing for preliminary creditor protection, an initial step that could lead to the largest bankruptcy case in the country’s history….”.

Abengoa’s specific financial challenges also come at a time when […]

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Lower energy prices..good news for power generating companies?

The question

The post credit crisis period has witnessed a profound change in energy markets. Are lower energy prices since mid 2014 positive for the power  generating sector, what can we learn from past experience, and what are the implications for the financing of power  generation companies?

Past challenges

The Power generating industry has faced many challenges such […]

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It’s July, but in the corporate credit cycle, what Season are we in ? What can we expect in Autumn? What are potential indicators of credit deterioration?

In recent weeks I have been noticing an increasing amount of articles and comments on issues that could indicate a change, for the worse, in the corporate credit environment.Some examples are

Macro: the continuing negotiations over the Greek sovereign debt and concerns about economic performance in some Emerging Markets
Austerity: In the UK local authorities and other public […]

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Real Estate In A Low Inflation And Low Interest Rate Environment …..A Cycle Or A Structural Change?

1. Where are we now and what has been the experience since the onset of the credit crisis?

It is now over 7 years since the collapse of Northern Rock and the onset of the sub prime crisis which was a major contributor to the global financial crisis. With hindsight it appears that the global credit […]

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Financing the Infrastructure for Projects – A Bridge Too Far?

Infrastructure finance needs are huge but can they be met by a mixture of Public and Private Finance sources? In this article some key issues are identified and questions raised about areas to be resolved.

The challenge of financing infrastructure….huge financing needs.

The estimated need for Global Infrastructure over 2013-2030 period has been estimated in one report […]

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Financing Oil and Gas Projects Following the 2014 Energy Slump

Not with standing the substantial fall in oil and gas prices during 2014, there is still uncertainty about the future trends in prices.


The post 2002 increases until the downturns in the financial markets in 2007/8 and the rebound in oil prices from 2009 – 2014 may be a reflection of general growth in the World […]

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