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Potential credit problems and corporate credit analysis

Some companies will face financial difficulties. At a time of deep and rapid disruption in the business environment , identifying and dealing with problem credit exposures early and rapidly will be more important than in previous business cycles.

In the presentation in the link to the file below some aspects of the implications for corporate credit […]

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5 key aspects of capital structuring to consider at a time of disruption in the business environment

Many commentators believe we are approaching the end of the upwards phase of the  current business cycle. When the cycle turns negative are companies’ capital structures appropriate  when the impact of a normal business cycle will also be affected by disruptive changes in the business environment?

The file accessible via the link below presents 5 areas […]

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How reliable are financial statements at a time of rapid disruption?

At a time when there is rapid change in the business environment how reliable are published financial statements? What are some of the signs of “fake financials”?

Please click on the link to the file , Part 3, Financial statements, below for some observations on the limitations of financial statements at a time of rapid disruption.

Part […]

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Qualitative Corporate Credit Analysis and rapid disruption

Numbers reflect the results of actions taken by companies.  Particularly at a time of rapid and disruptive change, Corporate Credit Analysis should however be focusing more on the impact of a rapidly changing business environment, and management’s willingness and ability to adapt to fast moving business conditions.

Please following the link below for a free presentation on […]

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6 Corporate Credit Analysis themes at a time of massive disruption

Particularly since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis there has been massive, far reaching and fast growing disruption in the business environment. So what are the implications in analysing, structuring and pricing corporate credit transactions? Are the traditional tools of corporate credit analysis still fit for purpose?

In the link below I have summarised 6 key […]

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Some key questions in evaluating Project Finance transactions

Opportunities: In the area of Project Finance, the growth in PPP and Renewable Energy globally present enormous opportunities.
To assess project viability and an appropriate structure it is however essential to ask some key questions about risk assessment, potential returns, the structuring of any project and the capital structure, such as:
Where are we in the economic and credit […]

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What are some key questions in assessing Large Scale Real Estate Investments?

The business environment is, as we know, rapidly changing . How this will affect Large scale Real Estate Investments  – positively or negatively – will of course be a function of specific geographic markets, Real Estate sectors and specific properties. Below is a link to a document – Real Estate roadmap –  that summarises some […]

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Do you have testing facilities as part of your learning tools?

Making financial decisions involves an assessment of the future. Nils Bohr, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, is reported to have said “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”. Part of prediction in the financial markets is quantitative, but as we all know judgement is also needed as world events do not always […]

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Exam season is approaching. Here are at least 8 reasons why current education systems should change and some actions to implement

It’s April and the exam season is fast approaching.

If like me you are a Pink Floyd fan you will be very familiar with the words “We don’t need no education, We don’t need no thought control, No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teachers leave them kids alone….”

Whilst I don’t agree with the sentiments in the […]

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End of the commodity supercycle….downturn in Residential Real Estate prices to follow?


Commodity prices are a key indicator of economic activity. The steep fall in commodity prices, particularly since mid 2014, is widely reported. What however are the implications for the Residential Real Estate markets?

Will the downturn in oil prices have the reverse effects of the oil price increases in 1973/74 and 1979/80 or are residential Real […]

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