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PPP- Post COVID-19, 7 themes to consider


As we all continue to hope that the adverse impact of COVID-19 on people’s physical health becomes sufficiently manageable that it is safe to continue to reduce the restrictions on our daily activities, governments will need to develop sustainable solutions on an ongoing basis to stimulate economic activity.

PPP will be one of the tools that […]

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Extreme events, rapid disruption – implications for loan and investment losses?


Has corporate financial analysis been too focussed on past financial performance rather than an assessment of risks facing businesses?  Are we living at a time of increasing numbers of extreme risks that have been underestimated? How will recent extreme events impact the pricing of risk and potential losses in corporate insolvencies?

The video in this post […]

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Corporate Qualitative and Financial Analysis at a time of rapid change – summary of key points

In the IMF World Economic Outlook update, January 2019 https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WEO/Issues/2019/01/11/weo-update-january-2019

it was stated that “….Risks to global growth tilt to the downside. An escalation of trade tensions beyond those already incorporated in the forecast remains a key source of risk to the outlook. Financial conditions have already tightened since the fall. A range of triggers beyond escalating […]

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Risk Analysis and warning signs of Corporate distress

As we are at a late stage of the current economic cycle we will start seeing more companies facing financial distress.

Combined with the rapid and disruptive changes in the business environment, losses on corporate credit exposures may be significantly higher than in previous economic cycles. So as part of a corporate risk analysis it is […]

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Analysing the capital structure and financial risk exposures of corporates is crucial


….Companies will be exposed to foreign exchange rate risks.

……Traditional Corporate Finance theory is that, as debt is a cheaper form of raising capital than equity, a company should use leverage to enhance equity returns.

Having some debt is understandable. Companies will have foreign exchange exposures . However at a time of uncertainty and rapid change in the […]

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How do you measure corporate financial performance when there is rapid and disruptive change?

Traditional methods of measuring financial performance were mostly developed at a time when change was more gradual. In today’s rapidly changing and disruptive business environment, the  traditional methods of financial performance analysis may not be as effective as they once were in the past… This begs the following questions:

1.  To what extent are the traditional […]

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Accounting and financial statements – do we believe the numbers?

In an attempt to provide more information to lenders and investors financial statements and associated notes are often lengthy.However, the volume of information and the way in which it is presented can be confusing, particularly with groups with complex ownership structures and substantial intragroup transactions. Even worse, as there is scope for how the items […]

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Risk analysis needs more emphasis on qualitative risks

It’s not just about the numbers! If you have relied purely on  the quantitative aspects of risk analysis, you are concentrating on the results not the cause.

To properly assess risk in a business also  requires a detailed evaluation of  the qualitative risks.

Businesses have to be able to survive and prosper in a range of economic, […]

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* M-Training 2.0 – My Digital Self Is Live, 24/7/365



Imagine instead of having to wait to attend an in person class, you can instead save yourself the travel time & cost and access my training wherever you are 24/7/365 whenever is most convenient for you.

I’m happy to announce that this is now possible for you, as I recently started providing training content in digital […]

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cake creation, creative accounting and credit conditions

I went out for a coffee and started reading various news articles

 A selection of  what I read

Reports in a newspaper of potential major store closure in local shopping mall
Patisserie Valerie reported to be experiencing financial problems and reports of alleged accounting manipulation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45824285
A number of major Equity Indices showing sharp falls this week
The IMF Global […]

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