Imagine instead of having to wait to attend an in person class, you can instead save yourself the travel time & cost and access my training wherever you are 24/7/365 whenever is most convenient for you.

I’m happy to announce that this is now possible for you, as I recently started providing training content in digital form in addition to my classroom-based training.

As we seem to be in the late stage of the current economic cycle, I thought it was a good time to launch a video course webinar series on the Essential Elements of  Qualitative and  Financial Analysis, with a focus on large corporates. The webinar’s video courses are now live & ready to access, and in the next couple of months I’ll be providing additional background information on the video sessions in the series.

There will be two options available to you:

1. Simply just watch the video presentations and download the slides

2. Watch the videos and do a number of exercises to reinforce the understanding of the topics in the videos including a structured analysis of a core case study

If you want to take a look at what’s in the video courses webinars you can find a FREE introductory download on

I am also attaching a brochure providing a brief summary of the video course webinar content. Course brochure, 01.19- Final

With many thanks to all my social media connections for connecting with me, sharing posts, articles and comments, all very much appreciated.

Happy New Year to all and hoping that the future brings you what you wish for.