It’s not just about the numbers! If you have relied purely on  the quantitative aspects of risk analysis, you are concentrating on the results not the cause.

To properly assess risk in a business also  requires a detailed evaluation of  the qualitative risks.

Businesses have to be able to survive and prosper in a range of economic, regulatory and political conditions. Management has to be aware of, and adapt to, social, demographic and cultural trends and changes in the industry in which it operates.

Financial analysis  has historically concentrated on numbers. But the numbers are a product of the management strategy. So, what are the factors that should be considered in the qualitative risk assessment of corporate risks, whether from a debt or equity perspective?

To gain some insights into the key aspects of qualitative risk in evaluating risk exposures to large corporates, please watch the video in this post and enrol in the video course about “Essential Elements of Financial and Qualitative Risk Assessment at a Time of Rapid and Disruptive Change”. Here is a link to a free introductory video

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